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Film Music / Study 6

Does making some aspect of a film "familiar" matter?

Does it aid in identification? For example, would Star Wars be too foreign were it scored with incredibly futuristic-sounding music? The fact that Star Wars took place in the future was not as important as the fact that it was an epic, and it involved real human emotion.

For Williams, "using a late-romantic sound was 'a conscious decision. . . . music should have a familiar emotional ring so that as you looked at these strange robots and other unearthly creatures, at sights hitherto unseen, the music would be rooted in familiar traditions'" (Kalinak, 1992). In order to test this question, researchers should divide subjects into two groups.

They should show the first group scenes using the original music and the second group scenes using "futuristic" music, including synthesized sounds, computer-generated music, and electronic music.

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