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Film Music / Study 4

Does making the music salient affect its emotional effectiveness?

David O. Selznick says, "if the audience is even conscious of the score, it defeats its own purpose (Karlin, 1994). What happens when you tell someone to pay particular attention to the music? If you are conscious of it, can it no longer work for you?

Does it have some sort of mysterious subliminal effect? Experimenters could distract one group of subjects by instructing them to look particularly at the costumes while a second group of subjects is instructed to listen specifically for the music.

A control group should simply watch the movie without any directions, and, at the end, all subjects should complete questionnaires about how they felt.

Physiological arousal can be measured during the viewing to determine whether arousal levels are significantly different between the groups. Particular attention should be paid to whether the physiological measurements are similar between the groups even if the self-ratings are different as subjects may not be conscious of the music's effects.

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