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Film Music / Study 2

Will viewers who have seen the movies before notice what is different if the score is altered or switched?

Subjects may notice something is different, but will they know it is the music? Take a famous scene such as a scene from Jaws or Psycho.

The famous two-note Jaws motif when Jaws is about to attack a victim and the screeching violins when Janet Leigh is murdered in Psycho are assumed to be indelibly tied to the scenes. Will viewers who are somewhat familiar with each movie realize if similar music replaces the original music?

The similar music will have been prejudged to be similar in emotional quality (scary, for example). The emotional ratings of three groups of subjects should be recorded.

The first group should be completely unfamiliar with the movies (i.e. have not seen the movies), the second group semi-familiar (i.e. have seen the movies once), and the third group extremely familiar (i.e. have seen the movies multiple times).

Is there a between-group difference in noticing something has been altered? Is there a between-group emotional difference?

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