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Film Music Studies

  • Film Music Study 1
    How much does music add to the emotional quality of a scene and how much can it detract from it?
  • Film Music Study 2
    Will viewers who have seen the movies before notice what is different if the score is altered or switched?
  • Film Music Study 3
    Is good film music truly that which is not perceived by the listener, as many filmmakers believe?
  • Film Music Study 4
    Does making the music salient affect its emotional effectiveness?
  • Film Music Study 5
    Does typecasting result in generic and interchangeable scores within a genre?
  • Film Music Study 6
    Does making some aspect of a film "familiar" matter?
  • Film Music Study 7
    Is it more effective to use cliches that will elicit specific emotional responses from the listener or to use authentic music?
  • Film Music Study 8
    Do viewers differ significantly in their aesthetic ratings of music while watching a movie and listening to the score separately and is the best film score necessarily the best music?
  • Film Music Study 9
    Can music ever really be "neutral"?
  • Film Music Study 10
    How do directors and composers determine where music is needed?
  • Film Music Study 11
    Why is the score so much more a part of film than live theater?
  • Film Music Study 12
    Can viewers recall the theme music to specific characters?
  • Film Music Study 13
    Beyond the actual music composition, how important is the orchestrator in the success of the film?
  • Film Music Study 14
    Compare the emotional difference between naturally occurring films containing dialogue only, music only, and both music and dialogue.
  • Film Music Study 15
    Does film music have to be less complex than art music?
  • Film Music Study 16
    Is it more effective to use original or known music?
  • Film Music Study 17
    Can music really cover-up a weak scene?
  • Film Music Study 18
    Does music enhance the understanding of a complex scene?
  • Film Music Study 19
    Does Mickey Mousing lead viewers to predict action, and if so, does it take away from the emotionality of the scene?